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Become a volunteer for the associationLISA FOREVERis to participate in the fight against childhood cancer!


A group of Beneloves

Throughout the year, we are represented on more than40 sporting eventsas well in Paris, in Ile de France or in all France.

LISA FOREVERwas or will still be present at the following events, for example:

  • The Paris Marathon;

  • La Parisienne des Ekidens (relay marathon);

  • The “Children Without Cancer” race;

  • The Race of Heroes;

  • Triathlons, or even half-marathons and marathons;

  • The trails in forests and mountains, and the amateur cycling stages of the Tour de France;

  • The race-mountain bike-canoe raid, trail, indoor rower... and even pétanque.

Engage throughout the year

  • You can support events for the benefit of LISA FOREVER: holding a stand, communication on the cause and the actions of the association, collection of donations, sale of goodies, logistical assistance, etc.

  • You can create your own event or participate in an existing eventwearing the colors ofLISA FOREVERand raising funds to help the cause of childhood cancer.

  • You can support the permanent team  for inventories, preparation of stands, administrative or accounting tasks.


For more information contact us today and we will be happy to answer all your questions!



If you don’t have time to spend with us but want to help us, you can donate the amount of your choice.

Let's build together, a world without cancer chez I'child. 
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